As an exclusive speaker signed with the Lavin Agency, Bryant presents frequently around the country giving keynote presentations at community events, conferences, and colleges, including Brown, Columbia, NYU, Smith, Stanford, and Yale.  To bring him to your event contact the Lavin Agency here.

Food Justice: At the Intersection of Food, Politics, Poverty, and Public Health

How can we provide healthy food choices for all, regardless of income, geography or race? In Bryant's interactive presentation, he shows us how the food we eat directly affects issues such as poverty, sustainability, and structural racism. How can we get healthier food into low income urban areas? What can each of us-- whether urban dweller or suburbanite-- do to eat healthier? And how will these choices affect everything from the environment to social justice? Terry doesn't push faddish or prescribed diets. But he will sing, rap, screen a short video, and cook a dish to demonstrate how simple (and delicious) making better food choices can be. Fusing food justice and personal history, Terry shows us how to improve access to fresh food in our communities.

Stirring Up Political Change From the Kitchen: In his TEDMED talk Bryant examines how food can spark revolutionary shifts in people's habits, attitudes, and politics.