Cooking With Afro-Vegan Bryant Terry

Bryant is on a mission to teach people how to eat healthier. 

The culture and community of food

Here, Bryant is in conversation with visual artist Seitu Jones and The Washington Post's art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott about how eating isn’t just about food but also family, faith and community. 

Make Every Second Count: Healthy Mission - A Film by Doug Pray

In 2013 Bryant (along with 2 other creative people) was given a Scion and a camera and asked to document how the car could fit into his life. From the raw footage, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Doug Pray cut a 30-second commercial that was broadcast nationally. Doug also cut this short film about Bryant's work.

Olivari - Bryant Terry "Grow"

This is one of five short films made as part of a year-long campaign for Olivari brand olive oil in 2013. As the campaign slogan reads "The Little Things are Everything." This short film, directed by acclaimed filmmakers Barry Jenkins and Michael Jacobs, follows Bryant.

Retrofit Republic Tastemakers Video Lookbook

Retrofit Republic, San Francisco's premiere styling firm and vintage retailer, featured Bryant in their Community Heroes: The Tastemakers Edition Lookbook in Spring 2013. Here is the video featuring Bryant and the other tastemakers directed by artist Connie Gao.

Urban Organic Episode 1: Aquaponics

This is the first episode of Urban Organic, a 2012 web series co-created by Bryant and One Bay Creative.  The 3-part series explores the crossroads of food and freedom, detailing ways that everyday Americans can live healthier lives by growing, harvesting, and eating local food.

Bryant Terry On Buddhism and Food Justice

In this 2012 video, produced by Turning Wheel Media, Bryant speaks on Buddhism and Food Justice.

Nourish: Fair Trade

Bryant and author Anna Lappe discuss the importance of choosing Fair Trade products to support farmers around the world.

Nourish: Farmers Markets

Bryant, Farmer Nigel Walker, and others celebrate the joys of buying fresh, local food direct from the farmer.

Nourish: What You Can Do

What small steps can you take to work toward a more just, sustainable food system? Bryant has some suggestions.

Nourish: Cooking Together

Bryant talks about the power of cooking meals in community.